La primavera

dos azafranes:  two crocuses

dos azafranes: two crocuses

Here in New England we are observing the first signs of spring! Los tordos sargentos (red-winged blackbirds) are among the first to return. Audobon’s Guía de Aves de América del Norte is an excellent Spanish language resource for bird identification.

If you would benefit from hearing the pronunciation of the Spanish words in the búsqueda de tesoros en el bosque activity found in Root & Star (see list below), you can listen to our friend Dominique Roberts say them for you.

From Argentina, Dominique is a gifted singer and songwriter who now lives in the United States and studies Second Language Acquisition. You can hear more of her music here , and learn about Dominique’s work by following her on Facebook.

At the end she adds two new terms for you to include in a spring-themed nature treasure hunt; una flor (a flower) and una rana (a frog). ¡Feliz primavera!  

Click here to listen to Dominique say these words for you.

una búsqueda de tesoros en el bosque (a treasure hunt in the forest)

una hoja (a leaf)
la luna (the moon)
una seta (a mushroom)

una ardilla (a squirrel)
un conejo (a rabbit)
un árbol (a tree)
unas bayas (some berries)

un caracol (a snail)

las estrellas (the stars)

una flor (a flower)
una rana (a frog)