About Kate

I live with my family in a small town in southern New England. I am a linguist and previously a professor of Spanish language and linguistics. I now home educate my three children who my husband and I raise bilingually. We love to explore in the woods and be creative. A couple afternoons a week you'll find me reading and singing during story hour at the local library. I enjoy writing, sewing, and nature journaling.


About Genn

I live in a cozy home tucked between the coast and woods of Maine.  My husband, three children and I have called New Mexico and Vermont home, along with places in between. I am a linguist and artist. Previously, I taught Spanish in public and private schools, from middle school to university level. We enjoy reading, being active outside, and making things. When I’m not tutoring or homemaking, I’m painting, knitting or having living room dance parties with my family.